Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Generational Fruit

Well, I can't help feeling rather inadequate to begin this subject and I know there will be much lacking. There is so much to say and so few words to say it with. My Grandparents' legacy is something difficult to pin down in mere phrases and sentences, but easily observed in their incredible impact on lives around the world, their Godly children, their own habits, their very lives.

Last night my mother and I sat together for several hours discussing this subject and as we sat there reminiscing, tears streamed down our cheeks and we felt overwhelmingly blessed. Blessed is the only word I can think of to adequately describe the joy of having truly God-fearing, wonderful parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

My dear Grandpa and Grandma are now in their 80's, but still going they have done their whole lives. They spent every moment of every day seeking how best to minister to others and glorify God. Through their mission work in India they have touched countless lives and as the key leaders at the Children's Home there, they became father and mother to hundreds of Indian boys and girls. In the meantime they did not neglect their own four children (one of whom is my mother) but encouraged and blessed them with Godly examples, rich memories and love.

My Grandma, I may safely say, is one of the most Godly women I know. When I read Proverbs 31, I feel like I am reading about her. Although I realize that of course she is imperfect and sinful, but through her many years she has had a quiet determination to serve the Lord, to grow better, stronger and more whole day by day. This is what the name of my blog signifies. Becoming whole. Living day to day, waking each morning with the decision to glorify God in your actions and grow in faith. This is what it means to be perfected until the day of Jesus Christ.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by my Grandma's beautiful example, but that is not what she intends. If you ask her how to become like her, she will look at you thoughtfully, kindly, but slightly confused..."why, I don't know, just by taking each day as it comes." Every morning she prepares for the day reading passages of Scripture that by now are like old, dear friends. She spends time praying diligently for every one of her children (biological and spiritual) her grandchildren, her husband, her friends, missionaries, families, governments, countries, she prays without ceasing. As one of her grandchildren how can I help feeling blessed and encouraged to know that she prays daily for me to grow into a Godly woman.

Last night, as my mom and I talked, we began to discuss what the death of these dear ones would look like. They are in their later years now and steadily declining in health, but I feel sure that they will not cease to live every day to the fullest, up until their death. I'm sure my Grandma will spend her last evening in prayer for her loved ones and delightful meditation on God's Word as she has done for so many, many years. As we cried I looked up at my mom, realizing, that we were not crying out of sadness for that day, but delight and anticipation in knowing that their work would soon be completed and their lives perfected, their joy fulfilled and their sorrows no more. But until that time, I know they will press on, working and serving Him faithfully with every breath. To borrow an illustration from C. S. Lewis, I imagine my Grandparents (figuratively) sailing on with the Dawn Treader until she can go no farther, paddling on with their coracle until it sinks, and swimming on until their bodies fail when they will sink with their noses pointed to the east.

I know that there are people in whom God delights. These people, He will meet at the gates of Heaven with out-stretched arms and a smile. The only place I can truly think of my Grandparents as little children is in Jesus' arms. What a day of reconciliation and happiness that will be!

As a grandchild of this rich legacy, I feel as if I were born with my "nose pointed east." This is what being a child of the covenant be born with your feet in the right direction. You can choose to turn from it, but what a benefit it is to start off this way. This is the blessing of generational fruit. If I were to choose in my life the richest and most wonderful blessing it would be this. I am thankful for my Great-grandparents, my Grandparents and my parents and I pray for my own children and grandchildren to whom I sincerely hope to impart the same legacy of love and faithfulness.


  1. When I was an exchange student in Japan I recieved many letters from my mom, but almost the same number from my grandmother. Though not a missionary to foreign lands, she read her Bible and prayed for all of us. She was an example to her Sunday School classes, which she taught into her '90's. Though I didn't see her often, probably 10 times in my whole life, she had a great influence on me.

    My other grandmother is a mystery to me because she died when my dad was ~16. I have her obituary, translated from the German. From the account, she loved to sing...:)A faithful lady. someday in heaven we will meet, I hope.

    Thanks, Anna, for this good portait of faitful Christians!

  2. Thank you, Anna, for saying it so beautifully. What a blessing you must be to your Grandmother!