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We're Gonna Be Partners

Gay Marriage: We’re Gonna be Partners

Imagine this. A married couple moves to their new home in Portland, Oregon ready for a fresh start on life, eager to make friends and find a good church. They are pleased with the newly established laws of the state which define marriage according to Biblical standards and are enjoying their rights under that law. In their dreamy plans for the future they expect nothing untoward or unlooked for, when the unexpected happens. Oregon passes an act which bursts their comfortable bubble of protection and takes away those same privileges of marriage for which they moved to the state. Instead, they find themselves forced to share these “rights” with people entirely undeserving of such consideration. As a final blow, their very status as a married couple is no longer viewed as an “honorable estate,” but an overrated and belligerent imposition.

The Moral Issue

This unfortunate couple’s predicament is one felt by many in today’s society. Yet, deeply ingrained in one’s conscience is the perception that there are certain acts and ways of life that are fundamentally wrong. Homosexuality is one of these. Leviticus 18:22 properly labels it; “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” It is sincerely to be doubted whether anyone could think differently without having first numbed their mind and suppressed their conscience. Morally, physically, spiritually, conscientiously homosexual behavior is wrong. God has made abundantly clear the fact that homosexuality is immoral and sinful (Leviticus). In Romans 1 Paul writes of God’s wrath poured out on the unrighteous among whom he counts drunkards, murderers, gossips, and homosexuals. In Romans 1:27 he explains “The men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.” By Biblical standards same-sex relations are inherently evil and ought to be punished. Unfortunately, such strong anti-homosexual language is rarely, if ever, heard in today’s society.
In America people are brainwashed into immunity and forced into tolerance by the continual droning and pounding of the media. No longer is homosexual sin to be something exposed and publically shamed. In today’s twisted culture one can be proud of one’s sin and flaunt it openly. Wonderful! Just what our country needs! America has encouraged and condoned same-sex relations to the point of sneering at normal marriage. Homosexuality in the state of Oregon has been growing rapidly, wreaking havoc on society, and destroying Biblical principles of marriage. As Christians we ought to fight this movement, outlaw homosexuality, and prevent gay marriage from being legalized.

Measure 36

By looking at the history of this movement in Oregon one can quickly realize how disastrous an effect is produced by the promotion of sin, and how rapidly an entire society can be undermined and corrupted. Early in 2004, officials of Multnomah County, Oregon deemed it unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to a proper marriage. Almost immediately, they began issuing marriage licenses by the hundred to homosexuals (Wikipedia).
Naturally, many people were angered by this incident and fought to stop the outrage. As a result, the case ended up in court and a hullabaloo ensued. That fall, Measure 36 appeared on the ballot. Proposed by marriage defenders, this Measure defined marriage as “between one man and one woman” (Wikipedia). To the satisfaction of many, Measure 36 was voted into law and marriage defenders began to relax. But too soon. The homosexual advocates were not to be defeated so easily. Soon, they exercised their power and pressured Governor Ted Kulongoski into signing the Equality Act which protected gay people from discrimination. Shortly afterwards, in 2007, the Family Fairness Act came into being and dealt Biblical marriage a stunning blow essentially giving same-sex couples all the rights and privileges belonging to marriage partners (Wikipedia).

The Family Fairness Act

The Family Fairness Act bears some explanation in order to justly give an idea of its destructive effects on society. Under this act, homosexuals of 18 years and older are granted the right to enter into a “domestic partnership” (Family Fairness Act). This domestic partnership is in turn granted those rights which originally were intended for marriages only (Family Fairness Act). Included in these rights are adoption and parenting rights, legal protection, hospital visitation rights, and medical decision rights (Basic Rights Oregon). Imagine the damage done by such a law. Same-sex couples can now adopt and raise children. Despite being an awful situation for any two people to be in, think of how it would be to throw a child into such circumstances and be taught that it’s normal and right. Besides the mental ramifications, the child might also be subjected to physical harm (Catholic Apologetics International). This is the environment which children can now be placed and legally bound into thanks to the Family Fairness Act.
Also, because of the Act these domestic partners can legally make medical decisions for one another, receive benefits of insurance and tax credits as a married couple. If one dies, the other legally can receive the remaining property and money if it is not addressed in a will. Even under normal circumstances that is a significant responsibility and privilege. In homosexual cases, there is hardly a single example where the partners have remained together long enough to justify such power. Homosexual couples rarely stay together and usually have multiple partners (Catholic Apologetics International). The Family Fairness Act declares discrimination against same-sex “oriented” people unconstitutional and even promotes it to the disadvantage of the heterosexually “oriented.” As Christians we cannot but see that sinful and immoral behavior ought to be punished, not celebrated, disparaged and cast out rather than legally protected. Obviously the Family Fairness Act attacks true marriage and takes away the constitutional privileges enjoyed by heterosexual partners.

The Ongoing Battle

This is the state of things in Oregon today; marriage is attacked and shamed, Biblical principles are rejected and trampled upon while Folly is given the seat of honor and welcomed in every public institution. But the homosexual agenda does not stop there. Those in sin do not stop until every nagging, irritating, disparaging voice is weeded out and they need not be reminded of such an inconvenient thing as their conscience. At present they are seeking to root out the foundations of Biblical marriage entirely and establish themselves in its place. Being domestic partners is not enough, they must be allowed actual marriage. “Domestic partnership is a step in the right direction, but it has many limitations. That is why Basic Rights Oregon is dedicated to winning marriage equality” (Basic Rights Oregon). The same-sex advocates are campaigning through Oregon for the institution of gay marriage and the repealing of Measure 36 (Basic Rights Oregon).
This is not merely a battle of words, but a clash of principles. By overturning Measure 36 they hope to destroy and corrupt the definition of marriage and so establish themselves victorious over long-standing religious opponents (Basic Rights Oregon). They seek not only to legalize their sin, but to dominate the market. It should be abundantly apparent to Christians especially that this campaign is destructive to traditional family values, the core of true marriage and causes insecurity and instability in the home. It is infiltrating every walk of life and today one can find it in the work place, the school and sadly, the church. It is an uphill battle, but one which must be waged against the power of sin to reinstate Biblical principles in their proper place.

Political Correctness

Gay marriage advocates use a number of arguments in defense of their position. One of their primary appeals is to justice. As homosexuality has grown over the years, it has come to be viewed as a sort of ethnicity or orientation. They argue that if a couple love and commit to one another, they ought to receive marriage rights as well. “Same-sex couples were finally afforded the rights and responsibilities that should be provided to all couples who make the commitment to care for one another” (Basic Rights Oregon).
The first major problem with this appeal is that gay couples do not as a general rule make that kind of commitment. Most homosexuals have between 20 and 100 partners per year while heterosexuals have on average 8 per lifetime (Catholic Apologetics International). While they may argue that the relationship is one based on real affection and care for one another, it is apparent from these statistics that these partnerships are primarily based on sexual desire and sinful lust.
The small percentage of domestic partnerships that do last petition that as an established family entity they have the rights to adoption and parenting (Nolo, 2008). Aside from the obvious problem that two people of the same gender cannot naturally have children together, there are numerous other issues with this argument. Child security and environmental safety activists seem to have fallen asleep on the job where homosexuals are concerned. For one thing, they are making a conscientious effort to recruit and indoctrinate children for their own cause (Catholic Apologetics International). Also, 33% of homosexuals admittedly partner with minors and many confess to being pedophiles claiming that love between adults and children is perfectly natural. Additionally, 33% of child molestations in America are caused by homosexuals which means that about 1 in 20 homosexuals is a molester (Catholic Apologetics International). Shouldn’t these statistics be considered before children are thoughtlessly sent into such unhealthy, unstable environments?
A third major argument for homosexuality is that it is a natural and perfectly normal condition. Arguing that it is a matter of sexual orientation they claim to be an almost ethnic group and as such assert their rights to protection from discrimination under the Constitution (Family Fairness Act). Is it natural that 78% of homosexuals have STD’s, AIDS, and other diseases? Is it normal that 50% of the gay population are depressed and suicidal? Can it be the product of a perfectly natural state that homosexuals rarely live past their 40's? (Catholic Apologetics International).
As the movement spread Gay/lesbian advocates have tried and largely succeeded in gaining legal protection against discrimination. But pendulum swings don’t solve issues. By trying to desensitize the public and infuse an attitude of tolerance on people, America has gotten so busy trying not to discriminate against homosexuals that it discriminates against heterosexual marriage. This state of affairs is neither right nor natural and Christian Oregonians must swim against the tide, fighting the desensitizing process and working to restore marriage to it’s former glory.

A Lost Cause?

Although their rights and privileges under marriage were blown away by the winds of homosexual precedence, the couple from Portland did not give up. Realizing the impending disaster spelled by homosexual advancement in Oregon they have fought to keep Measure 36 and make sure gay couples do not win the battle to destroy marriage entirely. This battle Christians must join in order to prevent the legalization of gay marriage and eventually blot homosexuality from the laws of the land. Although it seems to be a lost cause, Christians cannot give over the fight, admit defeat and allow themselves and their families to be desensitized and tolerant to such sinful behavior. If we unite in an effort strike down the gay marriage campaign we can put Oregon on the road to recovery and eventually place marriages back where they belong.

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